Where are you located?

We are located in Central Texas just north of Bryan/College Station Area.
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How many trees do you have?

The orchard started out with 3000 trees 32 years ago but as the trees grow they have to be thinned out (removed) so they don’t crowd each other.  We remove about 100 trees a year.


Aren’t all Pecans the same?

There are over 250 varieities of pecans.  They come in different sizes,shapes,textures,kernel color, shell hardness and of course taste.  They are


What kind of soil do Pecan Trees grow best in?

Pecans are part of the Hickory category;  They grow best in deep, sandy/loamy soil.  Native pecan trees are often found near riverbeds because that is the perfect type of soil for Pecans.

They also need warmer weather and are not freeze tolerant. 


Where are Pecans grown?

Pecans are a truly “made-in-America” nut though other countries like Mexico have started growing them as well.  They grow best in warmer weather. They need lots of water.  Georgia and Texas often are the top producers of Pecans though other states including New Mexico, Arizona, and Oklahoma are large producers as well.


What is the growing season?

Pecan trees get their leaves in March and shed them in November. 


How are Pecans harvested?

Modern orchards, including ours, perform mechanical harvesting;  A tree shaker grabs the tree trunks and gives a high frequency 10 second shake to dislodge all the ripe pecans.  A mechanical harvestor comes and picks up the pecans from the ground and gets rid of twigs and leaves.  These pecans are transferred into trailers for cleaning/processing/shelling.


Whats a paper-shell pecan?

The original pecan (native) nut which is part of the hickory family had a great tasting kernel but it was extremely hard and small.  Paper shell pecans are improved variety pecans that have a much softer shell and typically a larger kernel.  Normally, you can take 2 paper shell pecans and squeeze them together to crack their shells….something that really cannot be done with native pecans and their thick shell.


What is the best way to store pecans?

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What can be made with Pecans?

The number of dishes, both sweet and savory, is endless.  Pecans are very versatile.  Some of our most popular recipes and from some of our customers are given on our recipe page. Click here to see these delicious recipes.


Do you harvest your own pecans?

Yes; we have a complete line of professional equipment to do our own harvest.  We also have a top-of-the-line shelling plant to extract kernels from the nut.


Are tours available to view the harvest?

Yes, by advance appointment typically on Friday/Sat/Sunday we are able to accommodate viewers who want to observe the harvest being done;  


Whats so special about your pecans?

Pecans come in hundreds of varieties and flavors;  Even within a specific variety, a nut grown in one type of soil will taste different than another soil.  Our rich, deep, river-bed soil helps us generate top tasting pecans.   Thats why once you buy from us, no other pecan will do.  We don’t do a whole lot of advertising because our regular customers cannot get enough of our harvest. We usually sell out by the first week in December, so order early.


Can I order early to make sure I get some?

Yes, we start taking orders in October.  Note however, that Pecan production varies year to year dependending on many factors.  We try to do our best to accommodate all our customers.  Since we only sell current year crop, once they are gone, they’re gone!