Custom Shelling

We perform custom shelling for good quality commercially grown Improved varieties of Pecans. We use top of the line Savage Shelling Equipment.

Our specialty is Large Size Paper-Shell pecans like Kiowa, Cheyenne, Pawnee, Choctaw,Mohawk.

NOTE: we do not accept Desirable or Native Pecans at this time.

If you have a pecan variety you would like us to consider, please contact us at 979 279 3026

Our minimum requirement is 1000 lbs. They have to be clean, insect free, and free of mold.

We can do a same day turnaround in certain cases.

We classify the shelled pecans into #1 Halves, Baking Halves, and Pieces; We can also provide chopping services for smaller bits and pecan powder ”