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Quality Pecans are not grown by accident. It takes the right combination of mother nature along with the appropriate amount of human input.

The site for the orchard was picked in 1983 because it is part of the Brazos River river bottom; The topsoil extends down more than 10 feet and is perfect for pecans. Originally 3000 trees from 4 different varieties were planted in rows.



Over the years, the trees have grown and tower at around 40 feet high. To allow for better sunshine penetration into the canopy and to minimize root crowding they have since been thinned down to 1100 trees. We have selected out the best quality trees and varieties. Most of our trees are now of the Cheyenne and Kiowa Varieties. They have been selected because of the large nut size, beautiful golden kernels, soft shell, and above all, excellent taste.



Once you taste our pecans, NO other pecan will do!

We care for our trees year around. Our Philosphy is to take mother natures lead. We minimize use of pesticides/chemicals.

Texas Grown, Family Owned....Farm Fresh Quality Pecans


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